First Lesson: My New USB Headset

I bought a USB headset over the weekend, and it came in the mail yesterday. I tested it out over Steam with a friend of mine, and hey! It worked! I can hear him and he can hear me. Sadly, nobody with non-satellite Internet was around for my to play video games with, so I set it aside.

Of course, later, I wanted to listen to a song, but the computer is in the living room and I didn’t want to interrupt the TV-watching, so I put on the headset. No sound came through. I pressed the volume buttons on the headset, and the volume went up and down. Huh.

I clicked the little sound icon, and it showed my speakers and the headset. I clicked on the mixer for the headset and… what? It just showed “all” and “steam.” No browser volume, no Windows Media Center volume. Nothing! So I searched the Internet for answers. “How do I used a USB headset as headphones?” The first result was this Yahoo! answers question. One person saying I needed a USB to 3.5mm converter to use the headset to listen to music and two more saying “Lololol just play music stupid!”

After more searching and no answers, I made a frustrated comment to the friend I tested the headset with. He told me his USB headset works as headphones. Surprised, I asked how. This is the answer (for windows 7 and Vista, anyway):

  • Right-click on the sound icon.
  • Choose “playback devices.”
  • Click the headset in the list that appears.
  • Click the button that says “Set Default.”
  • It works!

It’s irritatingly simple, and I hate that I didn’t figure it out myself, but what can you do? The kicker is that I bought the same headset that my coworker uses to listen to his music (but his was bought by the company. Lucky bastard.) and he had no trouble listening to music on it. I had to help the man use his laptop screen as a second monitor. (Control-P. Choose extend. There! Dual monitors!)

All in all, though, it’s still better than the Login Incident.


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