iOS 5 and xcode 4.2 woes.

I’ve been working on programming for iOS for almost two weeks. I have accomplished, in my opinion, nothing. Well, I did manage to spend two days on the first tutorial due to a mess-up where the UI didn’t connect to the code properly. I can’t find any description on how do effectively connect them. Probably because this isn’t Visual Basic (which I haven’t done in five years) and I haven’t done very much GUI programming outside of VB.

The idea, at one point, was to follow tutorials to get the hang of it. I know so many programming languages they all meld together, so this should be easy, right?

Yeah but most of my programming was done on notepad++ (until it started crashing every time I wanted to start it). Apple has xcode 4.2, which is much more complex. The main issue is that iOS 5 and xcode 4.2 just came out on October 12. Yeah. There is nothing out there to explain to me how this works in this new environment. There is no “Window-based Application” option. When I make it with an empty application and add an xib file, the xib file isn’t connected to anything and I have no idea how to connect it. When I made a one-view application, it has a storyboard instead of an xib file and I somehow can’t make them behave the same. I can’t find similar options in how to treat the two.

The only thing I accomplished, besides getting the “Your first iPhone application” tutorial to run, was to map a slider and a progress bar together. Everything else I do, I run into issues connecting the UI and the backend code and I don’t know why. I’d like to do tutorials for what I have, the new stuff, instead of downloading xcode 4.1, but see… beside that first tutorial I did, Apple has no tutorials for this either. Okay, so it isn’t even a month old and it turns out they messed up the OS anyway. STILL.

I mean, part of me thinks that I’m dumb, the other part just hates Apple. I don’t think I can do this anymore, and telling my boss that I can’t do something that he saw a 7 year old doing in a youtube video won’t be easy either.


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