Tearing Down the House

The dollhouse is (almost) completely disassembled.

This is basically the whole thing. I was lucky that my parents used hot glue, so it was really easy to pull it apart (compared to what I assume other glues would be like). It took trial and error (and tips from the Greenleaf forum) to get it to come apart, though.

So, a hair drier will melt the hot glue. So I used a hair drier. But there are a lot of ways to use it.

Inefficient way: Heat it up, then scrape the glue away until the parts are no longer attached.

Better way: Heat the glue. Apply light pressure to the pieces that need to stop being attached. They will come apart once the glue is melted.

Cons of the better way: I only have 2 hands. I used my feet to apply pressure. Also, anything that gets in the blow drier stream gets heated, like your hands. Or feet.

I think I need to replace the windows, though.

2016-01-29 20.45.21.jpg

I mean, besides the fact that I ripped a couple of them, they’re yellowish and warped. Removing them will certainly make spray painting everything easier….

I had to remove these three. They weren’t mounted correctly in the first place. I’ll figure out the others.

Oh, I also learned from the forums that white vinegar helps remove the smell of bleach and mildew from hands. Probably should just wear gloves? Oh well.

I just need to figure out how and when to spray paint the pieces. The paint says “Hey, use me between 30F and 90F, and let me tell you, it’s not commonly above 30 here in Jan/Feb. I can’t do it inside, because I can’t put a breathing mask on the cat. Well, I can. but it won’t fit.


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