iOS 5 and xcode 4.2 woes.

I’ve been working on programming for iOS for almost two weeks. I have accomplished, in my opinion, nothing. Well, I did manage to spend two days on the first tutorial due to a mess-up where the UI didn’t connect to the code properly. I can’t find any description on how do effectively connect them. Probably because this isn’t Visual Basic (which I haven’t done in five years) and I haven’t done very much GUI programming outside of VB.

The idea, at one point, was to follow tutorials to get the hang of it. I know so many programming languages they all meld together, so this should be easy, right?

Yeah but most of my programming was done on notepad++ (until it started crashing every time I wanted to start it). Apple has xcode 4.2, which is much more complex. The main issue is that iOS 5 and xcode 4.2 just came out on October 12. Yeah. There is nothing out there to explain to me how this works in this new environment. There is no “Window-based Application” option. When I make it with an empty application and add an xib file, the xib file isn’t connected to anything and I have no idea how to connect it. When I made a one-view application, it has a storyboard instead of an xib file and I somehow can’t make them behave the same. I can’t find similar options in how to treat the two.

The only thing I accomplished, besides getting the “Your first iPhone application” tutorial to run, was to map a slider and a progress bar together. Everything else I do, I run into issues connecting the UI and the backend code and I don’t know why. I’d like to do tutorials for what I have, the new stuff, instead of downloading xcode 4.1, but see… beside that first tutorial I did, Apple has no tutorials for this either. Okay, so it isn’t even a month old and it turns out they messed up the OS anyway. STILL.

I mean, part of me thinks that I’m dumb, the other part just hates Apple. I don’t think I can do this anymore, and telling my boss that I can’t do something that he saw a 7 year old doing in a youtube video won’t be easy either.


Relearning why I never wanted to be a programmer

Checkboxes, when unchecked, don’t send with the form. It makes sense. Therefore, when updating the database if this box is checked or not, I need to be sure the form field exists on the sent page.

It’s fine though! ColdFusion has a function for that!

Wait a second…

This doesn't seem right

I kept looking, mostly using the ColdFusion 8 documentation, and I saw something: quotation marks. Bang boom add ’em in and it works. ColdFusion’s idea of what does and doesn’t need quotation marks is a little difficult after 4 years of programming in C, plus two before that when I programmed in Visual Basic. In my mind, form.formwhatever is a variable, not a string. Yeah, so it might have a string inside it, but we’re not checking for that, are we? We want to see if a variable exists, and variables don’t hang out inside quotation marks. That’s what strings do.

The lesson here, honestly, is pay attention to syntax. Just because it seems stupid doesn’t mean you can ignore it, so you should save yourself the hassle and make sure the syntax is correct.